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LinuxCon Experience

13 – 15 October 2014, three great days.

I have never been to a conference before and the LinuxCon + CloudOpen + ELC Europe experience made me want to go to Linux related conferences in the future.

I arrived Friday afternoon in Dusseldorf, so I had time to visit the city before the start of the conference. It was a relaxing weekend visiting a nice city, with very big servings of great food :-)


The first day was the most full of emotions. After registration and the morning keynotes, I went with my friends at lunch where I didn’t eat anything because I was nervous for the next two presentations:

  • Tutorial: Getting Started with Coccinelle“. Julia Lawall asked me and Himangi (another intern at OPW this round) to come and answer the questions of the people who are participating in the tutorial. I got rid of those emotions immediately after I met Julia and the presentation started. Every time someone in the room had a problem/question, one of us would go at that person and helped him/her. At the end, Julia said that this was the best version of the tutorial ever. So, it was an interesting experience and I am glad that Julia asked me to participate.
  • Kernel Internship Report (OPW)“. After the Coccinelle workshop, I went directly to the next presentation where I had to sustain my first public presentation. Of course, the emotions were back :-) I met Sarah who started the presentation by giving some statistics regarding the OPW internships (like number of patches, lines added/removed, etc.). At some point, I had to do a lightning-talk about my project and it was a nice experience because I managed to control my emotions and the feedback after my presentation was good. At the end of the presentation, we took some photos with Sarah and the interns.

After this presentationI met my mentor, Paul E. McKenney, for the first time in person on the hallway and we talked about many things. Also, I attended the VIP dinner where I talked with Sarah, Greg, Michael Opdenacker from Free Electrons (I’ve met him at the Coccinelle tutorial) and interns from OPW.


The second day was also a full day. I attended various interesting presentations like “Linux Performance Tools” by Brendan Gregg or “Building a Secure, Thrustworthy and Freedom-Respecting Linux Platform” by Matthew Garrett.

For dinner, Sarah organised an OPW dinner. It was really exciting, I had time to talk with my mentor about a lot of things and I had a really great time. I was surprised that my mentor heard about George Enescu, a Romanian violinist, pianist and one of the greatest composers of the 20th century, who was born in my hometown :-)


The last day was a really good day for presentations, I liked all of the ones where I went. The most interesting were:

  • Ftrace Kernel Hooks: More than Just Tracing” by Steven Rostedt. I like technical presentations and this was one of them. It was about different obstacles and possible solutions in the implementation of ftrace.
  • How to Design a Linux Kernel API” by Michael Kerrisck. Michael Kerrisck is the author of “The Linux Programming Interface” a book which I learned from at the Operating Systems course and it was nice attending his talk and hear some advices from him.
  • Linux Kernel Tinification” by Josh Triplett. Another technical and interesting presentation. I was not familiar with the tinification approach and I found out new things in this way. I am glad that I had the chance to meet Josh at the OPW dinner. By the way, Linux Kernel Tinification is a project this round at the OPW which will start in December.

After all the presentations, I went to the closing reception where I spent all the time with my mentor and met many people.

Overall, the conference was a great experience. I met a lot of people, I did my first public presentation and I find out about new things by attending the presentations.

Also, I am happy that I met my mentor and other people from the OPW team.

I really liked the community, the nice people and I can’t wait for the next LinuxCon!